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A look at what it takes to be a blackjack dealer at Resorts World <a href=''></a> Catskills

Personality, poise, a modicum of manual dexterity and simple math skills set apart the successful. “A lot of people are intimidated, and they think they need to have some kind of engineering degree, but the skills can be taught to anyone,” Charlie Degliomini, an executive vice president at casino parent Empire Resorts, told me back in September. Mostly, he’s right. But practice is the key. Dealer skills can only be taught to those willing to practice. I don’t dare estimate all the cards I bent riffling the deck or how many cheques I bowled over during my ham-fisted attempts to slide stacks. “Dealing is muscle memory,” said Kubiak, who’s so agile she speedily shuffles a stack of cheques with one hand as her eyes dart between future dealers. “I went from not knowing a thing to nailing an audition.” After spinning the roulette wheel so hard I flung the ball past a student, I asked Kubiak why she persisted in her dealer training. “I felt connected to something,” she replied.

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